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American International Educational University aims to realize clear and precise goals by utilizing technological innovation and advances to enable distant self based education, distant education aims to realize the following goals:

  • Bypass the constraints of time and location by enabling the individual to learn at their time of convenience and at any place.
  • Save costs and effort with affordable quality educations.
  • Free individual to develop their careers at the same time they learn.
  • Dependence on self based education considered to be one of the best ways of learning because its dependence on self motivation and continuous ambition to achieve more while maintaining the freedom to choose and evaluate one self. This enables the individual to retain and understand further learned material compared to other methods of learning.

In addition to distant education goals, American International Educational University has these following goals:

  • Providing chances for distant education & training in different languages.
  • Development of training programs on scientific basis and using the latest technologies and theories in all fields.
  • Providing learners with effective skills built on hands experience and learning by example.
  • Providing solutions for common problems in our societies through training courses teaching the skills needed to deal with these issues.
  • Providing distant education and training equally to people of all professions and at all levels to allow individuals the freedom to choose their field of study and prove their competence though electronic tests.
  • Determining the graduation level precisely and realistically through study courses and tests.
  • Guaranteeing highest quality in training programs and study materials provided.
  • Providing a competent team of experts, teachers, trainers and professionals to oversee and manage work progress at American International Educational University.
  • Forming trains and education programs in most effective manner.
  • Concentrating on hands on modern methods of learning.
  • Scientific approach based on latest theories and clearest methods to enrich the experience of students.
  • To take part in developing the experience and education level of ambitious individuals.
  • To take part in providing the necessary skilled workforce in all fields needed internationally.
  • Removing difficulties and barriers in front of students and providing the chance to enhance their skills in any field and prove it with certificates.
  • Providing the chance to learn at their convenience and better manage time without compromising personal or work duties through self based learning quicker ability to earn a degree based on work experience.
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